Nanditha-the princess of mirage

” My Mask too fine and serene,
My smile ugly, words worthless
The mask is torn to pieces
Still I wear a self conscious laugh….”

These lines are still reverberating in my ears. I know that my words are not enough powerful to write about Nandhitha. Her serene soul thirsted for something that she had missed in her journey of life. She left the world because she never wanted to wear the mask. The lines in the poems were fresh and pure as it was not written for the public. The dreams, hopes and the feeling of loss melted into her pen and something still remains strange. She was adored by her parents her brother and the people around her but the intensity of love was beyond everything, that brutally taken away her mind. I was surprised by these poems and more by the poet. She might have been truthful to her life but she got married. Without doubt Nanditha and her poems will be remembered in the hearts of all those who values their lives.

Nanditha was born in 1969 May 12th at Vayanadu district Kerala. She had been a teacher in Vayanadu Muttil Muslim Orphanage Arts and Science College. In 1999 January 17th she committed suicide.



25 July 2008 at 01:49