when I was a infant...
I did not know what a friend is... and was not necessary
when I joined first standard... I felt the girl who was weeping along with me was friend
When I got upgraded to third standard... Some one lent me a pencil and I called him friend
When I was in fifth standard...We together sneaked into wayside farm and grabbed tender mangos I felt he is also a good friend of me
When I was in seventh standard...My friend helped to copy in final exam Without whom it would have been difficult for me to get into high school

When I was in tenth standard...When I was trying to fill my empty stomach with water In one of those troublesome afternoons She shared her lunch box with me, and I felt that the meaning of real friendship
When I was in eleventh standard...My real good friend introduced me to the beautiful girl Who stood first in the folk dance competition During the arts day.
When I was in twelfth...Me felt a sense of social justice and We provoked friends joined hands and stoned the bus refused to stop in the HS junction
That was the end of long dream.. School life.
In the sweltering sun of mid March With watering eyes and trembling heart Wished good luck and parted the good friends
When I entered the biggest ever campus I had been of 10 arcs And that was the beginning of some life long friendships. Five of us took bath in the same bathroom Did many brave things like curing the grass of the greens With a wire a cutter. Jumped the compound wall, got Drunk and puked in the toilet Helped each other to sleep in the study hours
He wrote the record book I have to submit the next day Sneaked into GH during April fools day and Worked together to install timer enabled crackers Celebrated B'day lighting 29 ohm resistors.
She spared her share of Egg for me And many more moments lingering in my heart...
Without my knowledge, some point of time Friends became the elixir of life. Waking up in the mid night and wishing happy birthday, Walking upto the cliff of the mountain and shouting
"we are on top of the world"!
Partying and dancing whole night.. Cleaning up the mess the day after.
As a shoulder to cry on...As a rock to climb on...
As a throttle for the race of life...As a rain in the desert...
As a peg of rum on heavy hearted evenings...
My friend you are there in my life....And...
I have no word to express my gratitude
Thanks for being my friend