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Mobile Cooking: Cook an Egg with Mobile Phones

I am introducing a novel method for cocking Egg using your mobile phone. The method is so simple and it will take only few minutes. I am reafering this as online moble cooking of Egg. Yes, it is right you can cook with your mobile phone, its funny and interesting!

For this novel coockiing method you need two mobile phones with working SIM card, a voce source like radio or CD or casette player, an egg bowl, and an Egg either you can choose fresh Egg or take from your refrigerator. For the selection of Egg bowl you should take soem care just select a bowl which can be use in microwave oven. Should not use steel bowls or any other metal. Bowl made of Wood, ceramic, glass or plastic or melamin is fine.
The cooking steps are as below.

1. Turn it on your radio and set the volume to a comfortable level.

2. Keep the the egg with bowl in the middle of the table.

3. Keep the first Phone on the table so that the antenna is about 0.5 inch from the egg.

4. Make a call to first phone from second phone and place it on the table on other side of the egg.

5. Make sure the antenna of teh second phone is facing the egg and about 0.5 inch away.

6. Answer from the first phone without moving it from its position on the table.

Now don't hang up either of the phones. Allow them to sit there "talking" to eachother - this is how the egg gets cooked.

Cooking time may vary from phone to phone, and is depends on the power output of your phones. To give you an idea, if both phones had an output of 3 Watts, then it would take approximately 2 minutes to cook a large free range egg. You can adjust the cooking times according to your phone output. The cooking time will be proportional to the inverse square of the output power for a given distance from egg to phone.

After cooking, turn off both of the phones. Remove the shell and enjoy your mobile-cooked egg!

The immediate radiation of the mobiles has the potential to modify the proteins of the egg. Imagine what it can do with the proteins of your brains when you do long calls.

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