How to keep the duplicate of Blog Posts

It is possible to forward the copy of each posts in the blog to your mail box. It can be done by utilizing the options in Bloger and Gmail. It is possible simply by changing some setting in both Bloger and Gmail.

Settings in Bloger

1 Sign in to your Blogspot and go to Dash Board.
2 Go to the settings page and select Email
3 Enter the gmail Id to which you love to forward the posts.
4 Then save the setting
(You can use any mail Id but using gmail Id is better)

Settings in Gmail

This is required when you saved mail Id as Gamail.

1 Log in the Gmail account
2 Click on the settings at the top right of the mail pad
3 Then select the Filer tab
4 Then select Create New Tab
. Then you will get a new window as seen in the picture
5 Enter the instructions to the Subject Box
6 Click on Next step and select the filter actions from the new window as shown in the picture
7 Finaly Click on the Create Filter

If you have more than one Blog, just enter the names of each blogs with || (OR) operator to filter the posts from different blogs.

For example if you have three blogs as
Flash Mirrors
Then enter the names of each blogs in the Subject Box in window of Create a New Filter

[Flash] || [Flash Mirrors] || [Nanotechnology]

If you are making some changes in the already published posts then those changes will not be come in to your mail box. If you want those changes then edit the post and first save as draft. Then go to the Open the Edit window in the blog and select PUBLISH POST. The posts reaching to your mail box have the inline pictures with all html formats. So you can forward that posts to your friends.